10 Reasons that Make a New Year Worth Waiting for

DSCN1416OK I was thinking; why is a new year such a special thing?  Could it be mere hype or a realistic chance to make it count? Here are some ten reflective reasons which I came up with that make the New Year more meaningful to anyone;

1. The best is yet to come

You are a bundle of surprise waiting to explode. You have already heard of the expression, ‘good things are in front’ or better days lie ahead. Literary and figuratively, each passing year brings better opportunities, interesting friends, bigger achievements and wowing innovation. Similarly, the world has not yet seen the best of you. And besides, have you followed the countless company launches in waiting of new programs and products for the New Year? Wait and see what the New Year has in store.

2. You will appreciate yourself better

Yes, sometimes you could forget to appreciate what you have in a rush to get what you don’t have. And then you severely judge yourself as a failure on basis of what you don’t have (and probably will never have). Think about a cow feeling restless and discontented because it can’t fly. You get the point. Make it your goal that you will take time to appreciate how special you are. Even If you have not lived up to other people’s expectations (because can’t or you just don’t want to), it is not your fault but theirs; you did not tell them to set such expectations for you. So in the New Year, if no one seems to love you (enough), love yourself. If no one is telling you what you want to hear, go ahead and speak to yourself that kind of words that rock your world.

3. God is not dead

If God had no plan for you in the New Year, he could have shown you a red card before you crossed the line. Things may not have gone exactly the way you wanted but the centre still holds. For better or for worse, ‘God isn’t done with you yet’. That only means that if you are living on the brighter side, be humble; and if you are living on the rough side of things, keep hope alive. Worry and bitterness should be left for those who believe that the world is on its own and things are falling apart without hope. For the wise, they are confident in the knowledge that ‘God has it all covered.’

4. Life will go on

I hope you always remember the analogy that your Life is like a movie: you are the main actor. If anything happens or anyone else dies who is not the main actor, the movie continues. The whole story is built around the main actor. If the main actor dies, then it is game down or game over. Many things have happened to you but then they are over. Next year, the world (and you) will be partying, farming, reading, working, eating, drinking, travelling and going about business as usual as though nothing big happened at all. To think that the New Year will bring old stories is like expecting napoleon to conquer France next year – impossible!

5. The will tide turn

It is the law of nature that seasons change.  Yes, no matter how big the tide, it has to turn. Going by the same natural principle, no matter how tough the situation might be, it will (because it has to) change. No one goes to bed doubting whether tomorrow will bring light. Everyone seems to be confident that it is nature’s design that light follows darkness. A dry season can hardly be succeeded by another dry season for then the earth will bear no fruit and life will not endure. The only possibility is that some seasons could last longer than others but they surely change sooner or later. Next year is a chance to see the tide turn in different areas of your personal and professional life.

6. Love will heal all

The New Year is a great chance for you to find love and to forgive those who might have (intentionally or unintentionally) rubbed you the wrong way. Better still, an opportunity for you to walk away from hurting relationships and going on to build better lasting connections. Nothing makes you a better human being faster the genuine demonstration of love to another person. Without love, what would heavens be for? Taking time to hate others or carry grudges is not a good time investment. Hatred is not rated and certainly not worth your life.

7. People will talk

No one knows you better than you know yourself. With a new year for you to do better things than the talkers think you can achieve, you will leave them eating their words while you whistle your best song. People say they don’t care what others are saying. But then they constantly want to know, “what are they saying? Or what did they talk about me?” The fact is that people care about what others say. People’s words keep us awake just as the hooting on the road keeps us conscious of other road users. The most interesting bit about people’s words is that they are usually misguided. They are conclusions and assessments that are most cases based on little or no evidence at all.

8. You shall spend more time with those you care about

With the people you love, every moment is a celebration, every meal is sumptuous, and every word or conversation is interesting, every touch is magical, is look is a revelation, every day is Christmas and every place is special. The more time we spend with those we love or care about is more precious than any other thing. The New Year gives us another chance to laugh with that sweet granny, parent, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, friend, child, cousin, nephew, niece and the other people we consider special to us.

9. You will have a new and better start

Next year presents you a chance to do better than you have done this year, to become a better parent, a truer friend, a more empathetic employer, a more honest employee or a more helpful citizen. It is a chance to be more of a man or a woman; to be more knowledgeable, more courageous, more focused and more passionate. It is a chance to rethink; whatever hasn’t worked this year can be changed for better. You have learnt from the good as well as the bad which certainly makes you a better person next year.

But wait a sec, how has been your year? Some will say it has been their year meaning they did incredible and others will say it hasn’t been their year. May be we should have a closer look;

10. You will find out whether this year has been better or worse

Has this year been really hard? For who or compared to which one?

Before concluding on whether this year has been better or worse, here is a special formula used by special people to get a clear picture on the matter: get the number of good moments you had, multiply them with the bad ones (take time to remember and list down as many as you can) then divide them by 9 (don’t ask why). You get the picture? If your answer is above 14, then your year has been a blast. If it is below that then it has been tough for you. This whole formula could be confusing to you because a) I was not that good at games of numbers especially maths b) I just made it up – to pull your leg as I wish you a Merry Christmas and a great New Year.

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The 5 Important Facts that Your Boss Will Never Tell You

watchfulBosses give us the chance to earn our living and to develop better skills for the future. They will tell you what to do, how to do it right, when to do it to beat the deadlines and what you deserve for your contribution. They will give you promises and shower you with warnings. For all those, they are happy to tell you.

However, there are things that they will not tell you because it is not in their best interest to tell you; for fear you might wake up and begin smelling the coffee. Let me share with you some 5 important things that you need to know that your boss won’t tell you.

1. You need a break

Even if you were a machine, you would need a break. Manufacturers will give how much work a machine should be subjected to before being given a break and serviced before the next work.

You are not a machine so you need rest. If you damage or over spend some of your body organs, there is no factory for human spare parts. Sometimes we are tempted to overwork and work extra time for extra pay. Only to realize our health has broken down.

My question to you is: why loose life trying to gather money and then later you spend all your money trying to mend your health? You should be able to measure a day’s work; don’t try to do a week’s work in one day. You won’t finish all the work in the world in one week. Work is and will always be work.

2. Your family should come first

Yeah. Family leads the way. You got the job to earn so you can be more helpful to those you care about. Your family has no substitute (please don’t make me say that you can find another job).

All work conditions that drive you away from the good of your family are injurious to your happiness and true success. Conditions at work that make you neglect your family or shorten your life so you can die before your time are not good for you.Don’t build with one hand tear with the other.

I don’t remember anyone grunting on their death bed, “I wish I had put in more hours at work. What will my boss do without me?” of course, without you, your boss will hire somebody else but without your family, you will be one huge bundle of misery.

3. You can do much better than you do

You feel and believe you are special. Why doubt that. Indeed you are. That is why you were hired in the first place. Or that is why you have kept your job to this day. You are more helpful and can accomplish much more than your boss currently let you (know).

They are afraid that if you are told your full value, you might grow wings and literary fly. I mean fly – fly far away – away from their job, demands and authority. Or if you don’t fly, they fear you might shine. As in you might shine bright to a point that you could outshine them and end up stealing their thunder.

Now you know why your boss won’t give you lots of praises even when you think you deserve them.

4. Decisions based on money only suck

True, numbers count but not everything that counts can be counted. I know the value of money have been ranked way up there with oxygen and gravity. But take a moment and think about other factors that are valuable to you beyond money.

Money is very important in matters of life or for things that money can buy but utterly uncalled for in areas of life where money doesn’t have the right of way. In most cases, money is a big issue for most people who don’t have it while for those with a lot of it, other things are given their day in the sun.

5. You have a choice

Yes, it is up to you. You have a choice to go to work or to stay at home. You have the choice to determine how long you will work for them, you can choose to renew the contract or merely run it out.

And if your job has no contract, you can decide to work for one more week, month, and year or even one more hour and you flash the red card. It is up to you. You don’t have to if you won’t. You don’t have to be a helpless slave; you can choose to be helpful partner in your job.

And I almost forgot to add; you can as well choose to be a slave to your boss and work.


If these things are truly important to you but your boss won’t tell you, maybe it is time to begin acting like you know and believe in them already. If you can make a tough call, you could take the self given honor to share them with your boss. But above all else, if you ever become a boss to someone else, please be the good boss who share these.

What else do you think would be important if bosses told their employees?

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How Gifts differ from Talents

In my last post (A Closer Look at Gifts and Talents), I demystified the misconception that gifts and talents are abilities that entertain crowds; and concluded that everyone is gifted and talented in some way. In this post, I am going to distinguish between gifts and talents. I have heard many people struggle with this distinction to a point that some generously declare that the two are not any different; that the two words refer to the same thing. To such people, I declare that there is a big difference between a gift and a talent. Below is how gifts differ from talents;


Pascal’s father determined that his son should teach the dead languages, but the voice of mathematics drowned every other call, haunting the boy until he set aside his grammar for Euclid. – Orison Swett Marden.

A gift is a demonstrable genius or ability that one is born with. A gift is an ability that you do not use much effort and muscle to demonstrate; they come naturally to you for instance; telling the direction of north from west, distinguishing sounds, having an incredible imagination, brainstorming, quick right prediction, etc. These do not call for great physical intensity to demonstrate. In fact, most people cannot explain the origin of their gifts. All they know is that they have always had them or the first time they tried, they did it right to the amazement of others and from that day on, their confidence and practice of a particular gift took solid shape.

Gifts are demonstrated from within; they are things that you are inexplicably good at. They are things that place any much demand on your mental processes before doing, you just do it (without much thought) and you do it well. You could even be mistaken to imagine that other people about you also possess the same ability because it comes very effortlessly [almost subconsciously] to you.

Gifts usually need little or no training at all to demonstrate them. The only possible thing is that there are some gifts that could become sharper and better with practice and exposure.


Fidelity to the work or everyday duties at hand, and a genuine feeling of responsibility to our parents or employers, ourselves, and our God, will eventually bring most of us into the right niches at the proper time.

– Orison Swett Marden.

Talents are abilities whose demonstration requires a good deal of physical effort. Most talents, if not all, are those things that call out sweat from your body the longer you do them.

Whereas people don’t sweat while exercising their gifts, they largely break sweat when demonstrating their talents. For instance, sports, music and other physically demanding activities.

Talents are things that you have a knack for. In other words, with some little training or guidance, you could quickly learn it with relative ease and in little time you are outstanding at it in your peers.

Think about natural dancers and the speed at which they learn moves or natural artists and the speed at which they master shapes and tone.

Some people have gone as far as saying that gifts are spiritual in nature while talents are physical in nature.


Talents and gifts are usually complementary. For instance, a singer may in the process of demonstrating their talent of singing also adds in their gift of empathy or imagination and inflame the tone of their voice to the positive influence of the audience.

Two people may have the same talent but different gifts and instincts which explain their different roles, results and styles. Again with the example of music, several singers could be asked to sing the same song one after another and yet each achieving different impact on the audience.

One could have multiple gifts and talents. Some gifts and talents positively impact each other for maximum success while some (gifts and talents) negatively impact each other for eventual downfall. Failure in a particular talent is due to the lack of a vital gift that could make its success possible or the possession of a contradicting gift that makes the realization of a particular talent hard.

To learn more about this special subject, I encourage you to get a copy of my book, ‘Follow Your Bend’.

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A Closer Look at Your Gifts or Talents

We are all gifted with some unique and amazing strengths

 I have read several books and articles on personal development and listened to countless people explain the meaning of gifts and talents. What I noticed however is that most people have a narrow and misguided view of what gifts and talents actually mean. Without a clear understanding of what they are, it is unlikely that a person will give them full attention. When you awaken to the true meaning of gifts and talents, you will then attach quality value to their discovery and worthy effort to their development – for ultimate success in personal and professional endeavors.

Most people seem to acknowledge and emphasize only those abilities that are demonstrated on stage before massive audiences to entertain and thrill the spectators. They think gifts and talents are synonymous with celebrity connotations or popularity contests. They reserve the reference of gifts and talents to abilities that arrest public interest and celebration. These are usually limited to things like sports, music and gymnastics. In fact, most people only praise talents that largely excite audiences.

Get me right: I don’t have the slightest problem with anyone excelling in music, sports and gymnastics. Or anyone excelling at whatever they want for personal or public benefit, for that matter. However, parading and sticking to that meaning of gifts and talents is largely misleading to the common boy or girl whoever is searching for their self worth. It is discouraging to the common man or woman daily looking for a niche that could unlock their potential and bring to full value their uniqueness. Gifts and talents should be defined in broader terms than just entertainment. I don’t think all gifts are meant to entertain; if someone else thinks so, I respect their right.

As this narrow definition of gifts and talents continues to be traded by the majority, there a lots of people with amazing and exceptional abilities that don’t fall under those mentioned above; the confidence in their abilities is demoralized because they have been made to believe that any ability that does not excite audiences is not of value. This is not true. It is in itself a self defeating philosophy.

My eBook

I have written a great book on the journey to self discovery under the title – Follow Your Bent. I really believe that the more we invest in the discovery of what makes us unique and more valuable, the easier and more purposeful our attempts at excellence will be. And the more we neglect to study our natural potential, the more ridiculous our abilities will be rendered. Let it be your first duty to study yourself, your abilities and your advantages.

So then what is a gift or talent?

In general terms, a gift or a talent is intelligence.

It is a natural bent or an innate ability to learn and execute a particular task well. It is an ability that a person finds a natural inclination or fitting for.

It is the present ability within the individual that could easily be awakened to set the individual’s potential excellent.

Everyone has value. Their value is in their potential. Their potential is wrapped in their gifts and talents. Their gifts and talents are their cutting edge through life through which they survive and gain their full being.

In my next post, I will clearly distinguish a gift from a talent.

For the Record:

I should say that you do not necessarily have to be the best at something to know you possess such gift or talent. For instance, just because one hasn’t broken the world record in a particular ability does not mean that they don’t have the given talent or gift (in that line). Gifts and talents develop with learning, practice and application. It goes without saying that a polished ability outshines the raw one.

Raw ability without training or guidance does not live up to its full promise. For instance, one may be a natural musician but further training in music, instruments, sound, style and presence can largely increase their understanding and demonstration of their talent in a more appealing way.

Without further learning and development of a gift or talent, the individual always shows glimpses of the genius they were meant to be had they been guided well. In essence, all gifted and talented people need more training, guidance and opportunity to take their gifts and talents to a higher level.

Now let us examine the difference between gifts and talents in our next post.

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How to handle competition more creatively

Today, after a while, I thought of sharing an idea or two about the subject of ‘competition’. Now I have not shared lots of bulleted how-tos but have shared a general critical perception that will give you, my dear friends, an idea on how to handle competition more creatively. After reading this article, it is my hope that you will feel supercharged to face any competitive situation with more confidence than before.

The reality of competition

Have you ever wondered why there is increasing competition on all fronts of life? Competition is very threatening in personal and business affairs to a point that you could easily imagine that someone else is occupying your rightful place. It is the single most threat to would be entrepreneurs and ambitious people. In fact one research concluded that lots of goods ideas and business plan lose their steam at the anticipation of competition.

Competition connotes a fierce battle laden with blood, sweat and tears for which few people are prepared. Actually, I cared to look up the synonyms of competition and see what other words mean COMPETITION. See for yourself and choose one that sounds a little positive and encouraging. Competition is another name or word for;

  • Fight
  • Rivalry
  • War
  • Opposition
  • Struggle
  • Antagonism
  • Contest

Now these are not words whose meaning people are passionate to live. However, there are lots of people who dare to fight while others fight as a last resort; when they are cornered. Look around you and see how many people are out to outsmart others or how many people are working hard to make a loser of others.

In fact, most people feel suffocated with competition. They are sick and tired of hustling their way home. Schools compete, religious centers compete, and websites and blogs compete, media houses, eating centers compete, competition on the road, competition in fashion, looks, IQ, money and lots of other places. There is competition along any defining aspect of life.

That is the reality of the matter. Whatever you do to have a good time or to move forward, someone is waiting on the sidelines to make your ride bumpy. We are daily discovering competitors in our private lives and in our business circles. It is not something that we can simply wish away; it is a reality we have to find smart ways of dealing with it.

People who go for a battle are always on the lookout for ways they can escape with minimal injury and a massive victory; this should be your interest in studying the subject of completion as well.

What causes competition?

SAMENESS; simple as that.

Sameness of what?

Of product; of style; of approach; of name; of message; of price; of everything. How can similar things escape from the inevitable competition from each other?

Well, competition is nature’s principle for survival and growth. It is not caused by anyone; it is only exasperated by the way we choose to approach life and things. Just like gravity, we don’t cause it but we can make our fall harder by how high we climb and how careless we become.

Let us face it; it is like the world has run totally crazy. People have just decided to do the same things in the same way all the way. This forced similarity has fueled competition. Imitation and fabrication are marking the tempo of business and private lives. Everyone wants to be like others. It is unfortunate. Now, I have no problem with people who consider it a wise choice to worship at the altars of imitation and replication. However, there are better ways of living your life and running your business than copying. There is an ancient maxim which says; When you over imitate someone, you may even imitate the way they breath.

It is common sense that he who imitates anyone volunteers to be inferior to the one who is imitated. There is a difference between learning from a person and imitating that person. When you just imitate people, then you may never be better than any of your idols.

However, when you learn from good people, you can always rise to and above their level. Always retain your unique perception and expression of life

.How can we best deal with competition?

Be creative. Find new, simpler and better ways of doing the same thing that others are doing to a point that they won’t notice you are doing the same thing as they are. This is called ‘dealing with competition creatively’. Anyone can be different because they are different by nature. In the absence of the object of your copying, you can’t copy anymore. At that point, you will be encouraged to rely on your judgment and logic. Benchmarking is good but rote copying is suicide in the long run.

Always be the first to be different. Just do it your way provided you get the same or even better results. Don’t play the game everyone else is playing. The game is already crowded; your chances of being noticed are very few. And there is a good reason. Jim Edwards explains the reason better when he writes, “Because no matter how good you are, if you choose to compete directly with others in business or life, there will ALWAYS be someone who is; bigger, better, faster, richer, smarter etc”

Differentiation breaks the intensity of competition. For instance a pharmacy rarely competes with a restaurant; a mechanic rarely competes with a barber; a fish can rarely compete with a donkey. This is because difference gives room for evaluation, choice and comparison. In fact, when you have two writers whose style is different from each other, it could prompt you to buy books from both writers. Yet if the two writers were almost identical in style, theme and tone, you can hardly see the point in buying from both; one is perceived to be a direct replica of the other.

There are other better ways of excelling in both business and life without necessarily competing with others.  Let people copy you and compete with you in what you began and know best in doing things your way) than you competing with them in doing things their way.

Cut yourself off from the wisdom of the masses or mentality of the crowd…be different. It will make you stand out and once you stand out, competition will be curtailed. Competing against other people creates internal struggle within you and external disharmony with the world. This will in the long run build within you negative emotions like anger, resentment and inferiority which will eventually make you LOSE!

On the other hand, striving to express your physical, mental and emotional difference only gives you the lee way to lead the competition. It only takes courage to do that and a little faith to believe in your own ideas. At first, your unique way of doing things may appear strange, new or weird; but after a while, people get used to you the way you are. People will in due course embrace your unique ideas in the market place.

What else is the meaning of competitive advantage other than the uniqueness that sets you apart from the crowd in the eyes of your customer?

It’s a fact beyond debate that if you live in the world of competition, you WILL (not might or maybe); you WILL eventually lose to someone else.

No one can win everyone, every day, everywhere and in everything. This philosophy is another way of saying there is room for everyone. Put it in a positive way, it would read; any one can win someone, someday, somewhere and in something. See, there is hope.

Competition cannot and will never swallow a unique person or business!

You could as well share some specific things you have done that have helped you in dealing with competition more productively.

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Free ebook Download

Hello friends,

I would like to share this opportunity with my readers first!

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Three keys to Become a Top Expert

I listened to a radio show this morning where the presenter was encouraging everyone to strive to become a top expert in an areas of there choice. One caller asked, “What does it take to become a top expert?” The presenter responded, “Hardwork.” The caller sounded a little unsatisfied with the response so I thought sharing with you here three keys to become a top expert would be of valuable reflection especially as 2014 is just rolling its sleeves up to give you a run for your money.

What does it take to become a top expert? This is a good question to ask every expert worth the status out there. I believe that you will get as many answers as there are experts. However, I am going to share with you three key things that make most people’s journey to expertise easier, quicker and much fun. To become an expert in my opinion, it takes three key things;

1. Passion

You will agree with me that the more you like doing something, the more time you dedicate to it, the more it arrests your attention and the more you find it irresistible to your nature. Most experts are passionate about what they do and it is that passion that has lubricated their way to the to.

As love is the only excuse for marriage, true love and passion for a particular line of work will be the single most factor which will carry a person over the difficulties and challenges found in any work. In a statement, passion makes a task manageable.

Lack of passion creates a an unconcerned and an uninterested worker. And without interest it is hard to pay keen attention. Without attention, learning is difficult and slow if possible. This makes both concentration and memory hard to profit from.

Interest and passion have a way of alerting the brain, energizing the body and persuading all other body faculties to resonate with sympathy to the work at hand. passion will build purpose within your daily functions. It will make worker focus more on mastering the task of their interest than on the money they are being paid to do it.

Nothing will drive your mastery of a subject or a task like an insatiable passion and hunger for more knowledge and practice.

Passion alone inspires creativity. As a rule, relaxed and interested brain operates at peak levels. Passion  will call out the most utility from your mental resources. Every  strain and pain will dissolve in the presence of a passionate will. William Shakespeare once shared guiding wisdom about working with passion when he proclaimed;

The labor we delight in physics pain.

2. Practice

The second most valuable condition that enhances mastery is practice. Practice is the act of rehearsing a behavior over and over, or engaging in an activity again and again, for the purpose of improving or mastering it.

The constant attempt to do better with the knowledge, skills and other resources at your disposal; the firm belief in applying and verifying techniques from research; the curious observation of things to drew in helpful lessons and the daily reflection on how to approach tasks better for superior results; these are the essence of practice.

I will put the requirement of learning and knowledge acquisition here. Otherwise, you cannot apply or practice what you haven’t learnt. Learn all you can so that your practice can be more fruitful. When you learn much, practice is fun and when you constantly harp on the same string, the labor is very monotonous and discouraging.

A person who has gathered up a lot of knowledge that they don’t apply is as good as a person without such knowledge at all. What clearly marks an expert out of the crowd is application of the knowledge they possess. Application helps to reveal which ideas and theories are not applicable to a particular context.

Practice reveals what works well and what does not work about what one knows. It creates clarity on what information and skill gaps an individual needs in order to perform at a certain level.

Without putting your ideas to test, to establish which one is reliable and which one is hypothetical, you can not grow professionally.
Practice will remove your ideas and skills from the memory store and make them more available to you. When you practice a lot doing something like playing a game, riding, driving, speaking, etc, such skills will gradually become second nature to the doer to the degree that he or she can perform them with minimal mental task.

There are many instances where after an inspirational lesson or a simple video, the learner imagines that they can reproduce what they have heard and seen and thereafter makes no effort to practice.

Weeks or months later, an emergency occurs where a similar skill is required. Only then does the learner discover that they actually cannot do what they thought was an easy thing.

Things look easy when they are being performed by a master because of the grace, ease, sagacity and style that years of constant practice have built in the master’s psycho motor domain.

Practice with increase your confidence and sense of anticipation while dealing with your occupational challenges. No one can become an expert by knowing alone, true expertise requires doing. The world will not pay you for what you know but what you can do with what you know – to solve real life problems.

3. Performance

This is the execution of real work that someone is contracted to do. To build expertise, one has to endeavour to put consistence into their performance. Getting the same results [or better] each time you attempt a task is the essence of consistence. If your good performances come once in a while, then you are not yet at the cadre of an expert.

Consistent expert performance means that a poor performance is very unlikely; experts don’t deliver results by chance, they deliver results by design. They master their trade just like the back of their hand. Any time anywhere, they are confident of their mastery.

This in everyday talk is what they refer to as ‘a great track record’ or a great work record. A list of countless instances where you have do and redone excellent work. This build trust and belief in the prospective clients. People will want to know that much of your experience has been centered on executing right stuff not making excuses for countless errors.

To become saleable, there is one final idea that I have not numbered as fourth because I regard it as the total essence of saleability in the marketplace. That is building credibility or integrity. Possessing all the above qualities is a sure to strengthen your integrity.

Integrity will more than anything make you a saleable expert.

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